How to detail a car

How to Detail a Car and why is it important?

How to detail a car


Detailing a car is a very extensive process. You may think that just a wash, vacuum and a coat of wax will get the job done, and that’s fine! There is much more to detailing a car than you think. Not many people know that you can get you car back to showroom appearance with a professional who knows how to detail a car. Let’s get started.


We’ll start with the detailing of the outside of your vehicle.


How to detail the exterior of your car


Alright, lets break out the bucket, put some dish soap in the bucket.  Then mix it up with our hose turned to its most powerful setting, “Jet”. No, no and no. First of all, dish soap is not the way to go.


The chemicals in dish soap can be very corrosive to the paint’s clear coat finish. Over time the paint will begin to break down and start to peel. Surely, you don’t want that. Preferably, you’d want to use something with carnauba wax in it, to give it a hydrating wash. Also, a pressure washer is needed to blast off road debris, bugs, tar, etc. Trust me, it’ll make your life a lot easier.


Let’s get back to the point.


How to detail a car – the exterior


The equipment that you will need to detail the exterior of a car is as follows:



Pressure washer

2 Buckets

Microfiber washing mitt

Car wash soap with carnauba wax


You will start with the two buckets. Now, what in the world could that be for? One for soapy water, and one for a rinse water. You want to keep the microfiber wash mitt you are using as clean as possible throughout the washing process. You should dunk the microfiber washing mitt in the rinse water and wring it out after washing every panel. This is highly recommended.


Cut the car in half, lengthwise. Start with either side, its your choice. Wash from bottom up, and rinse with your pressure washer from top to bottom. It gets easier as you keep learning how to detail a car.


You may need to buy some special chemicals, a good degreaser, to remove grease, dirt and things of that nature in the wheel wells. Yes, we clean wheel well and wheels and the underside of the side skirts and front and rear bumpers. Pretty much everything you can imagine.   That’s just the wash!


Can you even imagine what is done on the rest of the exterior process? It ranges from just a simple coat of wax, which will give you 3-4 months of paint protection, all the way up to wet sanding, which is the first step in removing deep scratches in the paint. Then you would need to use the high speed compounding method to remove those nasty scratches, that are such an eye sore.


Using the high speed compounding method should remove small and shallow scratches. No need to do wet sanding for those types of scratches.