What is auto detailing?



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What is auto detailing?


Think back to the day that you bought your car. You signed the papers and it was yours. Wow! It was beautiful! The paint was perfect. The chrome sparkled in the sunlight. The windshield was crystal clear. Mmm, that new car smell. Who can forget that day? That car was your baby.


You had already decided that you were going to wash it every Saturday, like clockwork. You would put a good coat of wax on it, too. You had to make sure that the rain would just run off of her. You would get the trusty vacuum out of the closet and vacuum up the debris that on the carpets. The dashboard would get a dusting and the glass would be squeaky clean.


You started out with the best of intentions, but life got busy. You were too tired on the weekend to keep her clean. Oh well, she still looked pretty good.


What can you do about it? Let’s find out.


What is auto detailing?


Wikipedia says that auto detailing is the performance of a thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a show-quality level of detail.


In English, it is the cleaning of the inside and outside of your car, to make her look like she did when she rolled off the showroom floor.


What is auto detailing – what should a detailing include?


A backyard auto detailing would include washing and waxing the exterior of the car. Cleaning the rims and tires. Cleaning the glass and mirrors on the outside of the car. The interior of the vehicle would be vacuumed. This may include the carpet, the floor mats and the upholstery. The windows and interior mirror would also be cleaned. For the average person, that’s a pretty thorough cleaning.


A professional auto detailing is much more thorough than that.


A professional will wash the dirt, grime and debris off of the outside of the car. They will remove the old wax. Any blemishes, including small scratches, will be corrected. Then a good coat of wax will be applied and buffed to a showroom finish!


All of the exterior vinyl and rubber trim should be cleaned, reconditioned and protected. The exterior chrome is cleaned and made to shine like new.


The rims will have all of the brake dust and road grime removed. Then they should be polished and they too should look like they did when they were new. The tires will be cleaned and they should be chemically treated to make them shiny.


Then the interior will be thoroughly vacuumed, including the nook and crannies. The upholstery should be steam cleaned or spot cleaned, depending on how extensive the dirt and stains are. The dashboard and other vinyl should be cleaned and reconditioned.


What is auto detailing – why you need to have your car detailed?


You need to have your car detailed because every day the outside of it is under attack from the elements, road debris and even birds. The inside of your vehicle has to put up with all the dirt you drag into it on your shoes and your passenger’s shoes, any food or drinks that are spilled and if you haul anything in it.


You wanted to keep your car looking and smelling brand new. Having it professionally detailed is the best way to do this.


Detailing your car will, not only keep it looking new, it will also help retain its value in the resale market.